About Me

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I have been always fascinated by science and knowledge. My childhood dream was either to be an astronaut or a scientist. Now, if on the one hand, I did not pursue the first course, and I probably will not play among the stars, on the other hand, I feel I have been quite successful with the second.

I graduated in Physics in 2006, with specialty in "theoretical physics" and then I obtained a Ph. D. in "Earth sciences" in 2011. During my Ph D. and the following years, I mainly researched in the field of Applied Geophysics at the postdoctoral level. My most significant contributions have been made on Geophysical methods applied to seismic signals (acoustic/elastic propagation) in solids and electromagnetic signals (air/solid propagation) and included the bottom-up engineering of advanced signal processing techniques, simulation, and data inversion methods.

Since early 2017 I have been working for the Georgia Institute of Technology as Research Scientist II, where I have been constantly furthering my knowledge, now including Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) signal processing methods, Image segmentation and shape reconstruction, Machine learning, and deep learning.

Collectively, my research for more than twelve years could be summarized as

  1. solving very hard inverse problems
  2.  solving these problems using complex datasets collected from a multitude of non-invasive sensors
  3.  solving these problems using both advanced techniques from computational physics and machine learning approaches.

A deep understanding and of the theories allowed me to develop and implement innovative data processing approaches, and to become acquainted with several programming languages ( C/C++, Fortran, Basic, Matlab, Bash, TCL/TK, LabVIEW, and recently Python). Indeed, I developed quite a few advanced computational programs: S3DiOpenHVSR, PTomo3D, among others.

I am a passionate researcher who enjoys collaborating with other researchers through the full spectrum of innovation, going from ideas conceived on the whiteboard, to publication, to working software tools and prototypes. Currently, I collaborate with several research groups around the world.

Concerning my technical skills, I developed a theoretical and practical understanding of many geophysical methods as well as expertise in other scientific disciplines, such as

  • Active Surface waves methods, for example, SASW, MASW,
  • Passive surface waves methods, such as SPAC, REMI, ESAC, and HVSR (Microseism) 
  • Electrical resistivity tomography
  • Time Domain Electromagnetic Method (TEM),
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  • Seismic Reflection and FWI
  • P-waves Tomography
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)
  • Geometric PDE Methods (Active contours/surfaces and level set method, mainly for image and data volume segmentation)
  • Machine learning and Deep learning