In nowadays science, is the success of a research all about the number of published papers and the number of citations?

I have been always fascinated by science and knowledge. My childhood dream was either to be an astronaut or a scientist. Now, if on the one hand I did not pursuit the first course, and I probably will not play among the stars, on the other hand I feel I am close at achieving the second.

The present post concern the research topic I am investigating since May 2017, when I started working at the Georgia Institute of Technology (GaTech), with Prof. Anthony J. Yezzi.

The OpenHVSR Project is a personal initiative. Initiated in 2015, slowly grew to a full research project. Despite the project developed with negligible funding, it now comprises two different computer programs, both developed in matlab and dedicated to the complete investigation of microtremors.

S3Di is a computer program developed in C++ and dedicated to acoustic and elastic propagation (in time-domain) of waves in solids.

I created the program for research purposes. Until now the code is not available.