Beyond the Numbers: An unconventional measure of success

In nowadays science, is the success of a research all about the number of published papers and the number of citations? I was pondering about one of my projects recently: the "OpenHVSR project", and about the choice I made of publishing the related software as open source. Indeed, the point of publishing open-source was to benefit the the research community and promote collaborative research. Looking back, two years later, one may wonder

Was It a good choice after all?

Today count (October 3, 2018) for the first paper of the project, published in 2016:

  • 12 citation on works indexed on Scopus (6 self citations)
  • 964 reads on ResearchGate

Not bad after all, but... if I consider the ratio citations/reads, it estimates around 0.6%. Not really encouraging, Isn't it?

Then I realized that, I am being contacted by many people about this research. Very enthusiastic emails from many different countries. Contacts that even started collaborations.

Therefore, with this small amount of information (I.e. the institutions from which people actually contacted me), I decided to realize a map. A mean to understand If the publishing of these programs is actually fulfilling its purpose.


  • 18 Countries on 5 continents
  • more than 30 email asking information regarding one of my papers

These numbers might not be relevant to rating institutions, but they surely make me smile!